Our Story

Our story begins in the small town of Oxford, Ohio: home of Miami University. Miami is a school that truly epitomizes the philosophy of "work hard, play hard". We grew tired of deciding between embracing the social life of a college town and achieving our goals. So we decided not to sacrifice any longer.

We began experimenting with different formulas of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, precursors, and more to quell the pain associated with the morning after drinking. After months of research and tests, we found a formula that was able to prevent hangovers effectively. Our plan was to create a product that provided freedom. Something that allowed us to wake up early, workout, study, or do whatever else our mornings might warrant, and we did it.

We have always believed that it was possible to enjoy a vibrant social life and still achieve our goals. With the help of Cydekick, this belief became a reality. Our goal is to change the way people spend their free time on the weekends. We believe that the amount of unfulfilled potential due to alcohol’s after-effect is enormous. The world needs people like you to harness their productivity in order to create lasting change for yourself and those around you. We made Cydekick for people like you. Make today the day you take control of your weekends.