Our Story

After graduation, we found that it was harder to keep up with our social lives because of the demands of work and side projects. We became frustrated by having to choose between going out with friends and having a productive weekend. So, we decided to fix the problem ourselves.

We began experimenting with different formulas of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, precursors, and more to help with the pain associated with the day after. After months of research and tests, we found a formula that was able to prevent hangovers effectively.We wanted to create something that allowed us to wake up early, workout, study, or do whatever else our mornings might warrant.

We have always believed that it was possible to enjoy a great social life and still achieve our goals. With the help of Cydekick, we have made this happen. Our goal is to change the way people spend their free time on the weekends. We believe that giving people their weekends back can help them be more productive, more present, and just happier overall.