Frequently Asked Questions

The vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals in Cydekick fortify your body with the compounds that get depleted during drinking so that you can wake up with the optimal levels, allowing you to feel refreshed. The antioxidants protect your body from some of the cellular damage caused by the metabolization of alcohol.

Some of the benefits of taking Cydekick include less severe headaches, less nausea, less fatigue, and less brain fog. These benefits stem mostly from the fact that your body is no longer in a depleted state from the alcohol consumption as it normally would be without Cydekick.

For preventing hangovers, yes. While Pedialyte contains only 3 active ingredients, Cydekick contains 22 hangover-fighting ingredients that work together to keep you hydrated and protected.

We recommend taking Cydekick about 30 minutes before you start drinking. While we have also seen success when taken during and after drinking, we recommend taking it before.

Yes, the formula contains vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants that are naturally occurring in many foods such as oranges, bananas, apples, avocados, and blueberries. While it would be great to eat all of these foods before going out, Cydekick makes that job quite a bit easier.

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