March 05, 2019 1 min read

After a weekend full of friends, fun, and maybe just a ~few~ too many drinks, you might not be at your best come Monday when its time to get back to school or work. Or maybe you didn't want to miss out on a weekday dinner with everyone and you weren't as loyal to your 'I'll just have a beer or two' mentality from a few hours earlier.

Everyone has been there. The next day maybe you didn't pay as close attention to your teacher's lecture as you should have, or you rolled into the office just a little bit later after hitting snooze.

It doesn't seem like it matters all that much, but when you aggregate the lost productivity across the entire country due to hangovers, the numbers actually get pretty staggering, so here is a little overview.

Hangovers cost the U.S. economy $249 Billion in 2010 alone, about 72% of that being from lost productivity. The top 3 states in order (rounded to the nearest billion) that contributed to this $249 billion dollar figure were:

  1. California: $35,000,000,000
  2. Texas: $18,000,000,000
  3. New York: $16,000,000

All in all, each alcoholic drink sold in the United States in 2010 cost the economy about $2.05 each. Of course, these numbers from the CDC are estimations, but you can check out this link to see more of the cost breakdown and data on the matter.

So, don't become a statistic after a night out—drink Cydekick to get back into the game quicker.

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