Cydekick Has What In It?

March 05, 2019 3 min read

Warning: there are some big words ahead, but don’t let the big words keep you from thinking you can understand what's really going on.

We had always been super into nutrition. There are a lot of supplements you can take to enhance your body’s daily functions, whether it be on a cognitive level in the form of nootropics, or maybe on a physiological level in the form of vitamins. Regardless, the standard American diet fails miserably to provide your body with the compounds that optimize all your functions, and why not optimize?

After 2 years of research and design, we drilled down the formula to about 10 ingredients, all super effective and super necessary when we are trying to combat the negative effects of alcohol. You can think of Cydekick as a ‘super multivitamin,’ while it is specifically tailored to defending against a hangover/the negative effects of alcohol, all it really is is a mixture of different vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. On a chemical level, this stuff is super complicated, but the outcome of taking these vitamins etc., has been carefully studied and is understood thoroughly.


Vitamins are organic compounds that your body cannot produce naturally, so if you're not takin’, and not eating a whole lot of vitamin heavy fruits/veggies, you're not gettin’. Your body metabolizes alcohol using enzymes (which also perform a ton of other functions in your body), which it makes using vitamins. If you're getting drunk, your body uses the available vitamin to create enzymes like alcohol dehydrogenase (big word alert, seriously it's just an enzyme) which is only able to break down alcohol in your liver. So if you're using all those available vitamins to make enzymes that are just breaking down alcohol and not doing all the other important things that keep you feeling good, you're probably not gonna feel too hot by the time you wake up, right? So what's the solution here? If you don’t have access to enough vitamins to metabolize alcohol and perform all those daily tasks, what do you need? It's simple; More vitamins. See I told you this stuff is really not that bad. Cydekick has a carefully researched and tested amount of vitamins to allow your body to produce the enzymes it needs to fight off alcohol and still keep you feeling healthy.


Minerals are inorganic compounds that function similarly to vitamins. Except here we are focused more on hydration. Electrolytes are minerals that keep water either inside or outside your cells in such a way that allows you to function optimally on a cellular level. Alcohol creates a greater need for electrolytes as they are depleted via urinating (alcohol is a diuretic, makes you pee, you know that), and converting the toxins of the alcohol. Everyone knows alcohol dehydrates you, everyone knows electrolytes hydrate you. So, if you plan on drinking and if you want to avoid dehydration, it makes sense to take some electrolytes. Not so fast though, not all electrolytes are created equally. Bananas are often hailed as the ultimate electrolyte sources, and Cydekick’s electrolyte system is derived from the contents of bananas and specifically tailored to allow for peak hydration during alcohol consumption.


This is where a lot the heavy lifting comes in. Antioxidants are the easiest to understand, and the most important. The toxins alcohol produces are cells lacking an electron, and they are seeking to steal that electron from healthy cells, thus turning that healthy cell into a toxin. Antioxidants are cells that have an extra electron, and therefore can give it to the toxins alcohol created in your body to stabilize the toxin, without themselves turning into a toxin. Everybody wins. Alcohol is super toxic and the faster you can neutralize these toxins, the less time they spend wreaking havoc on your body. Cydekick has the single most researched and comprehensive antioxidant blend on the market designed to rid your body of these toxins with efficiency and effectiveness.

So there's a little bit about why Cydekick contains the stuff it does. You can check out the more science page if you want to get into the nitty-gritty about what exactly is going on on a chemical level, but at least now you know how these things can help.