How Bad is Alcohol for You Really?

You wouldn’t speed without wearing your seatbelt, you wouldn’t leave a hospital without washing your hands, and you shouldn’t drink alcohol without using Cydekick. Formulated to prevent a hangover, Cydekick’s ingredients actively combat the negative effects brought on your body by alcohol. Everyone knows alcohol isn’t good for you, but we all like to ignore that little fact to some extent. In reality, you are truly poisoning yourself, and your body is going to need a little help to fight off all the negative effects that come with getting drunk. But for now let’s backtrack to an age old question that we seem to get some mixed messages on. The health implications of the worlds most popular drug. We hear lots of assumptions; from the life extension benefits of red wine to the liver-destroying complications of hard alcohol.

So what’s the truth? Is alcohol bad for you?

Well. Yeah. It’s really bad for you. Research shows alcohol has a number of different effects on your brain, liver, heart, weight , and pretty much anything else you care about. As you likely are aware, alcohol is a toxin. And when your liver is metabolizing this toxin it breaks the alcohol down into what is known as acetaldehyde, which studies have shown is up to 30x more toxic than the alcohol itself, and bodily exposure to that level of toxicity comes with some health implications.

You can read the hyperlinked studies above, or you can allow us to give you a brief summary of the adverse health effects of alcohol. Lets start with the brain.


When you get drunk, the alcohol essentially makes it more difficult for your brain cells to communicate, which leads to most of the pleasant effects that come with alcohol consumption like increased confidence. Over the long term, heavy drinkers can be subject to malnutrition, particularly in the form of a lack Vitamin B. This alcohol induced brain stress is linked to a higher risk of neurodegenerative diseases like amnesia. Lucky for you, we thought of that when formulating Cydekick and included a healthy helping of the essential B-Vitamins, as well as Acetyl-L-Carnitine which has been shown to help defend against alcohol induced brain damage. You’re welcome.


It is mostly common knowledge that alcohol is bad for your liver. Long term, heavy drinking has been associated with liver diseases like cirrhosis. The liver performs many a function within your body, and unfortunately it is tasked with ridding your body of alcohol when you go against its every wish and drink it. Alcohol consumption puts the liver under what is known as oxidative stress, and a lot of it. This is why we include such a potent amount of antioxidants in our blend.


People don’t tend to associate alcohol consumption with heart complications, and sorry if this post is putting a damper on your weekend plans (just grab a cydekick, you’ll be good to go ), but unfortunately yes there are some negative effects on your heart, including increased risk of stroke that are associated with heavy drinking, keyword heavy. The shining light of this section is that there is actually research to suggest that light to moderate alcohol consumption is directly linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease


Another facet in which alcohol can negatively influence your life is weight gain. We all know beer has lots of carbs and sugary mixed drinks can set back hundreds of calories by the glass. A big part of why heavy drinkers tend to experience weight gain lies in two separate outcomes post alcohol consumption: poor eating choices and lack of exercise the next day. Think about it, we’ve all been there. That 2am burrito might have been a mistake, but even worse, you won’t be ale to get to the gym and try to burn it off if you’re stuck on the couch nursing a hangover all day. Good news is Cydekick has zero calories, and you’ll be able to get out of bed and crush the gym the next day.

So we’re not here to scare you away from drinking, but the objective reality of this situation is that as a socially normalized drug, people tend to overlook the negative health effects associated with drinking. We’re just here to offer you a little help on your weekends (or weekdays, no judging here). After all, even a superhero needs a sidekick sometimes.